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Jiande Hongtai Electrical Appliance Tool Co., Ltd.

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Electrical Extension Power Socket
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Product: Views:450Electrical Extension Power Socket 
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Last updated: 2019-08-04 20:48

Electric Current


Electric Pressure


Cable Length



ABS/PP Body and Copper Metal


Extension Socket


Standard Grounding


Residential / General-Purpose




1. CE certificate

2. 6-WAY socket with switch outlets

3. Housing Material: ABS/PP...

4. Connect with power cables, cable wire length 1m,1.5m,3m,5m...

5. 3G*0.75mm2 Pure copper

6. Good quality and best price

7. Standard export packing

Brazil Power Outlet

Are you getting to visit Brazil? choose your country of residence to envision mechanically if you would like an influence plug adapter or voltage convertor in Brazil.

Electricity in Brazil

In Brazil the ability plugs and sockets are of kind N. the quality voltage is 127 / 220 V and therefore the standard frequency is sixty rate.

Which power plugs and sockets in Brazil?

In Brazil the ability plugs and sockets are of kind N. cross-check the subsequent photos.

Type N: utilized in Brazil and African nation. This socket conjointly works with plug C.

What voltage and frequency in Brazil?

In Brazil the quality voltage is 127 / 220 V and therefore the frequency is sixty rate. Watch out! In Brazil quite one voltage is getting used (127 / 220 V). It will rely on the region, town or perhaps the edifice that voltage you may encounter. you can not use your appliances if the native voltage exceeds the most voltage of your appliances. you may would like a voltage converter!

If the native voltage is a smaller amount than that in your own country, you would like a voltage convertor in addition. Some say you'll fastidiously try and use your appliances in Brazil while not a convertor. possibly they won't be broken, however might not operate optimally. If you don't wish to require any possibilities, use a convertor. you'll conjointly think about a combined power plug adapter/voltage convertor.

If the frequency in Brazil (60 Hz) differs from the one in your country, it's not suggested to use your appliances. however if there's no voltage distinction, you may (at your own risk) try and use the appliance for a brief time. Be particularly careful with moving, rotating and time connected appliances like clocks, shavers and blower heaters.

To be sure, check the label on the appliance. Some appliances ne'er would like a convertor. If the label states 'INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz' the appliance is utilized in all countries within the world. this is often common for chargers of tablets/laptops, icon cameras, cell phones, toothbrushes, etc.