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Extension Electrical Outlet Brazil
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Product: Views:443Extension Electrical Outlet Brazil 
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Electric Current


Electric Pressure


Cable Length



ABS/PP Body and Copper Metal


Extension Socket


Standard Grounding


Residential / General-Purpose



6 Way USB Power Strip with Switch
With children protector.
With fuse protector,
With switch on/off,
Inmetro certification cable

1. PC+ABS flame retardant or V0 fireproofing material
2. High conductive phosphor bronze conductive and fittings, oxygen-free copper wire cable
3. With the switch, overloaded protected.
4. Voltage 250V ~, current 16A, frequency 50 ~ 60Hz, 3500W maximum power
5. Different specification of wire according customer's requirements.
6. Blister packing or PVC bag card packing
7.2-6 way, 3M*1.0mm2 copper cable available.

Electrical outlet brazil
Type N is employed virtually solely in Brazil and African nation. (Click here for an entire list of all countries with their individual plugs/sockets)

electricity - kind N (socket) one
The type N socket and plug are the official customary in Brazil and African nation. The plug consists of 2 pins and a grounding pin. There are 2 variants: the prongs of the ten A version have a diameter of four millimetre and a length of nineteen mm. The second version, rated at twenty amps, is employed for heavier appliances and has four.8 millimetre spherical pins, however additionally measurement nineteen millimetre long. The centres of the road and neutral pins are spaced nineteen millimetre apart. The centre-to-centre distance between the planet pin and therefore the middle of the fanciful line connecting the 2 power pins is three millimetre. kind N sockets were specifically designed to accommodate the ever-present type C plugs furthermore. kind N appearance abundantly just like the Swiss type J customary, however it's incompatible with it since kind N has the planet pin nearer to the fanciful line that connects the 2 power pins (3 millimetre rather than five mm).

Type N is truly supported the international customary 230 V social unit plug system, referred to as IEC 60906-1. In 1986, the International Electrotechnical Commission revealed this customary, that was meant to become the common customary for the full of Europe (and, by extension, all alternative regions with 230 V mains). sadly, the trouble to adopt it as a eu Union customary was placed on hold within the mid-1990s. Brazil had been victimisation as several as ten (!) differing kinds of plugs and sockets, as well as the oft used kind C. so as to place associate degree finish to the current proliferation of various socket and plug varieties, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (Associação Brasileira Delaware Normas Técnicas (ABNT)) set to standardize on IEC 60906-1. In 2001, this customary was adopted in Brazil as NBR 14136 and its implementation started in 2007. This Norma BRasileira 14136, however, isn't utterly a twin of IEC 60906-1: the Brazilian customary incorporates a pin diameter of four millimetre for the ten A plug and 4.8 millimetre for the twenty A plug, whereas the first IEC 60906-1 customary solely has one single pin diameter of four.5 millimetre and a most current of sixteen A.

Thanks to fashionable injection moulding technology, that failed to exist once most alternative plug varieties were originally designed, the terribly recent kind N customary is additional compact, sturdy and safe than the other plug/socket system within the world.

Brazil’s standardization on one single plug and socket kind, however, will entail some risks. Why? just because Brazil is one amongst the only a few countries that doesn't have a customary voltage, however at identical time it's just one official form of socket! In alternative words, you can not tell the distinction between a 220 V associate degreed a 127 V socket! (Click here for an thorough list of all twenty seven Brazilian federative units and their individual voltages.) Most states use 127 V electricity, however one or two of them are on 220 V. this suggests that a 127 V hairdryer bought within the state of Minas Gerais are going to be destroyed once blocked into a compatible 220 V socket in Distrito Federal! check that you scrutinize the native voltage before plugging one thing in! the quality trick to understand the local voltage (checking a lightweight bulb to check what voltage is written on it) usually doesn't work, since quite some homes have each 127 V and 220 V power provides for his or her lighting. It should be same, though, that several appliances sold in Brazil are twin voltage, however that’s undoubtedly not the case for all of them.

Fortunately, within the past few years, there has been an inclination to create the distinction in voltage clearly visible. Usually, 220 V sockets are going to be red and 127 V shops will be white. If that's not the case, the sockets is also labeled with a sticker indicating the voltage. Such red and white stickers is bought at the most DIY retailers these days.