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Multi Purpose Socket Extensions
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Product: Views:443Multi Purpose Socket Extensions 
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Last updated: 2019-06-12 03:20

Product's Name

Tabletop Socket Type and Residential / General-Purpose Application Pop up Socket


Extension Socket


Standard Grounding



Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Rated Power



ABS body case, PVC copper wire

Cable Specifications

3M or as per your request

Plug Specifications

2 pin plug , or as per your request

Inner package

PVC bag with head card

Outer package


Regular Packing

1PC/ pvc bag with head card , about 40PCS/CTN



Special Caution

1. The total power connected to the electrical appliance can’t be higher than the rated power.
2. Forbid to bind the wire together strictly when using so as to avoid abnormally overheat.
3. Please insert the plug into the jack absolutely.
4 Please place it on where the children can’t reach.
5. Please don’t use it in damp environment.
6. Please don’t remove the back cover presumptuously, contact with us if need service.

Multi purpose socket extensions
An electric cord, power extender, drop cord, or extension lead may be a length of versatile electric power cable (flex) with a plug on one finish and one or additional sockets on the opposite end (usually of identical kind because the plug). The term sometimes refers to mains (household AC) extensions however is additionally wont to check with extensions for different forms of cabling. If the plug and power outlet are of various varieties, the term "adapter cord" could also be used. Most extension cords vary from around 2 to thirty feet long though they're created up to three hundred feet in length.

The term "extension cord" has been in use since a minimum of 1925.[1]

Extension cords are available in varied colours, lengths, thicknesses and repair duties. In general, the additional power required by the appliance, the thicker the wire wants be (meaning larger wires inside). Cords which can be used outdoors, in wet areas, around oils, or exposed to daylight for long periods of your time ought to be chosen for such specific conditions. associate degree extension reel is an extension lead that rolls up, sometimes into the socket finish, that in some cases has quite one socket on that (often two or 4). Another style of extension reel hangs close to the plug finish and permits the user to draw the wire out by grasping the socket end.

Some extension cords conjointly incorporate safety options like a polarized plug and receptacle, grounded terminals, a "power-on" indicator, a liquid link, or perhaps a residual-current device (also called a ground-fault circuit device or GFCI).

Some wires contain multiple feminine connectors in shut proximity of 1 another; others have female connectors spaced on the length of the cord. Cords usually contain either grounded or ungrounded connectors. whereas a grounded male instrumentality may be forced into associate degree ungrounded feminine socket, this is often unsafe.

A power strip may be a block on the top of an influence cable with variety of sockets (usually three or more), typically organized during a line. This term is additionally wont to check with the complete unit of a brief electric cord terminating during a power strip.

A removable cord is analogous however a lot of shorter, associate degreed is meant to attach an appliance to a mains outlet. the feminine finish mates with associate degree appliance body of water.

National Electrical Code (US)
In the us the domestic voltage is a hundred and twenty V, and also the National Electrical Code (NEC) prohibits the employment of extension cords during a twenty A circuit unless they're of sixteen AWG or larger diameter (for example, fourteen AWG or twelve AWG).

As with different versatile cords, the inflammatory disease conjointly prohibits their use wherever connected to assembling surfaces, hid within structures (walls, floors, ceilings), on top of suspended ceilings, or run through holes or different openings (windows, doors) in structures. The inflammatory disease will contain exceptions though they're terribly restricted.

Within the us, Underwriters Laboratories certifies extension cords as compliant with the inflammatory disease. Key standards are UL 817[3] for the whole electric cord, and UL 62[4] for the electrical cabling itself. The us General Services Administration conjointly maintains a typical for extension cords, J-C-1270,[5] that references the UL standards and provides extra criteria.

The inflammatory disease tries to cut back potential hearth hazards by requiring that there be a receptacle at intervals vi feet (1.8 m) of each purpose on the wall up residences, reducing the requirement for extension cords.[citation needed] but, even in homes with additional receptacles than the Code needs, there'll typically be a necessity for extension cords.


An electric cord
In Europe et al. where the traditional domestic voltage is around 230 V there could also be less risk of inflicting hearth through heating of cables for any given power thanks to the lower current. but most European extension reel cables currently embody associate degree automatic current cut-out to avoid misuse of the cable. this needs manual resetting if excess current is drawn through the cable. (American multi-plug cords conjointly embody such a tool, however single- or triple-outlet cords don't.)